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Dear Geeks and Beta-Testers, 

great to have you here and helping us with the early access beta! I want to give you a a quick update about what's going on behind the curtain and what keeps us busy. Hope you enjoy it, and happy dating :) 

1) FAQ

We have received a few questions and are currently working on an official FAQ for the site. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions; we are happy to answer them (and put them in the FAQ). Here are 2 examples: 

a) Why do I match 100 % with everyone? (I know I am quite cool, but that doesn't look right, hehe). Answer: You have to set your match preferences  to benefit from the Geek-Match-Algorithm. 

b) Why don't I get an Email notification right away if something is happening on my profile? Answer: The standard setting only informs you about these things if you haven´t logged in for 2 days. If you want to change any of these settings go ahead, it's super easy!


Did you know you can write, comment and rate blogs here? Let us know whats going on in your brain :) When writing a blog, make sureto set the language to English or German. This will change the audience of your blog. You can easily change the language shown to you by switching the language setting in the upper right corner. 


We are collecting bugs, listening to your feedback to improve this site (after all, it's for you!) and working hard in the background like minions to take over the wor... erm... enhance the user experience :) 

We would love for you to share g33kdating with your friends; the more the merrier, as the saying goes!

Talk to you soon again!

Yours truly,


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