Frequently Asked Questions

1) Geek Compatibility Algorithm - How does it work; I only see either 100% or 0%?

Please go to “Matchmaking preferences” in your profile settings and indicate which categories are important for you in a geek partner.

We—g33kdating, that is—don’t want to decide what’s important—we leave that up to you. For example, you might be a cosplayer, but not care whether your future partner is or not. That’s why all the Geek Compatibility settings are set to “That is unimportant” until you change them.

2) Email notifications - Why don’t I get an email right away?

Please visit the settings for “Mail Notifications” in your profile. From there you can set:

1.Which notifications you get by email

2.How often you want notifications about your profile activity. The standard setting will only send you notifications if you haven’t been online for 2 days. This is to prevent email-overload.


3) Blogs - I wrote a blog, but it isn’t showing up?

Each new blog post has to be approved by the g33kdating admin team. This can take more or less time, depending on the number of recent posts, and the time of day.

For each blog post, you’ll need to decide if you want to make it visible for the German- or the English-speaking community. Under the text field for the blog, you’ll see the box “Select Language.” Please set the language of your post there.

Depending on your choice, the blog post will then be visible in the chosen language (and only in that language). You always have the option to publish blogs in either language.

4) Credits - How do they work?

You’ve probably already seen the box to the left of your profile that displays your credits. When you click "Cost of Actions" you can see for which actions you get credits rewarded and also deducted.

If you happen to run out of credits, you can easily refill them again via the button "Refill". If you happen to have questions about the credit system, please contact our support via support@g33kdating.com

We are offering paypal right now but are working on more payment providers.

5) Problems with Registration

RIght now, we know of two possible issues when registering:

1.You don’t get a confirmation email: please check your spam folder—unfortunately, some emails get hidden there. If this happens, please add “info@g33kdating.com” to your safe list; otherwise, you won’t get any match suggestions or other emails from us either.

2.You can’t complete the registration because you keep getting sent back to the beginning of the profile form: some browsers seem to have a problem with their cache (e.g., Internet Explorer and Edge). In this case, please use an “InPrivate” window (IE), “Incognito” window (Chrome), or “Private” window (FireFox) to create your profile. If this fails as well, please try signing up with your smartphone.


6) An admin / community manager / official spokesperson / user asked me for my password. Why?

Watch out! No official spokesperson from g33kdating or Geek HQ will ever ask you for your password! If you receive a request like this, please report the user immediately so that we can block them. This is an attempt to gain illegal access to your account.

7) I can’t use umlauts (ä,ü,ö) in my profile name.

We had to do this because your profile name appears in the URL of your profile. Many browsers have problems with umlauts in the URL, so we can’t allow them for the time being.

8) I used “password” or “123456” etc. for my password. Is that safe?

Really? You use a password like that and call yourself a geek? Um… you might be on the wrong site here. Sorry.  ;)  Seriously, though, we suggest that you change your password regularly and always use different passwords for different websites.


9) Where can I report bugs and problems?

Easy! Just use contact us!

10) Finally, a dating site for Geeks, Gamers, Cosplayers, LARPers, Otakus, Pen & Paper, Board Game, Comic, and Book fans! Where have you been all my life?

Yeah, we asked ourselves that too, and then said: “OK, let’s do it! Bam! ...and done!”

(Editors Note: Well, it wasn’t quite that fast—buy hey, our admin is really excited.)