1) I uploaded pictures, but can't see them on my profile?

Each picture is manually reviewed by our team before being approved or deleted. Depending on the day (weekend!) and time (sleepy time!) this may take some time. Please only upload pictures of yourself and maybe your geek hobbies. Memes and "fun pictures" are not allowed. Attention: Please make sure that you are the legal owner of all pictures that you upload, as required by our terms of service. 

2) Can I just post my social media names or telephone number (Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc)?

Please don´t. This is a violation of our terms of service (2.6). As you can imagine, some people might use this information to harass others on the various websites. We take the privacy of our users very seriously, so this information will be deleted and the account will be banned.


3) Geek compatibility algorithm - How does it work? I only see either 100% or 0%?

Please go to “matchmaking preferences” in your profile settings and indicate which categories are important for you in a geek partner.


We—g33kdating, that is—don’t want to decide what’s important—we leave that up to you. For example, you might be a cosplayer, but not care whether your future partner is or not. That’s why all the geek compatibility settings are set to “That is unimportant” until you change them.


4) Email notifications - Why don’t I get an email right away?

Please visit the settings for “mail notifications” in your profile. From there you can set:


1. Which notifications you get by email


2. How often you want notifications about your profile activity. The standard setting will only send you notifications if you haven’t been online for 2 days. This is to prevent email-overload.



5) How do the free apps work?

You can download the official g33kdating app in your app store. Or you just open www.g33kdating.com in your phones browser. This will show you our web-app. Your login is the same as on the website. The apps feature additional features like "WARP SPEED MATCH". This feature shows you geeks in your area and you can immediately show that you like them with just a click on the "Heart" icon. Amazing, isn´t it?


6) The different versions of g33kdating

Your login (username/password) works on all g33kdating versions, no matter where you registered first. Your profile is also synced on all these platforms, so all your message are available all the time - no matter which platform you are using.


g33kdating is available as:

Desktop version (featuring user blogs, news, etc.)


Progressive Web App (PWA) (featuring WARP SPEED MATCH) - Basically all the app features through your mobile browser. No need for an app store.


Android/Google App (featuring WARP SPEED MATCH)


Apple/iOS App (featuring WARP SPEED MATCH)


7) Supporter membership - How does that work?

Using the supporter membership, you can send as many messages or chats as you want. And there is no subscription scam (since, well... we also hate those). This means, your supporter membership ends automatically (!) and there is no notice period (!!). When your membership time has ended, you will be automatically returned to a "free" account and can decide if you want to get another membership or not. No subscription scam, no worries.


Our advisers really didn’t want us to do it like this, but we hope we can win you over with a fair and respectful membership system.


As always, if you have a question about this, feel free to contact our friendly support at support@g33kdating.com


8) Credits - How do they work?

You’ve probably already seen the box to the left of your profile that displays your credits. When you click "cost of actions" you can see which actions cost you credits.


You can easily refill credits via the "refill" button. If you happen to have questions about the credit system, please contact our support at support@g33kdating.com

9) Alright, so what's free at g33kdating?

Sending the first message requires credits or a supporter membership. After that, replying to the message and all further communication with that person are free for boths (!) sides.

More free features:

- Read messages

- Answer messages

- Bookmarks

- Show profile visitors

- Upload pictures

- User search

- Warp Speed Match

- Send, respond, accept Hailing Frequencies

10) I purchased credits or a membership, but it does not show up on my profile?

Don´t you worry, just contact our friendly support team and we can solve it in no time. Just make sure to give us the transaction number from your purchase so we can track it. 

11) Which payment methods do you offer?

Check our website to see our current billing options. You can also use the Android or iOS-App, which offer a wide range of payment possibilities. No matter where you purchase your credits or membership, it will be available on all g33kdating apps and the website.


12) I received a spam message or found a suspicious profile which could be fake! I want to unleash hell and get my revenge!! What do I do?


We are very proud of our fake-free community and want to keep it that way, so please report any profile that violates our terms of services. You can do this via a simple click on the "report" button. Thank you!

13) I have been harassed or want to report a profile/picture/comment

"Thank geek," that only happens very rarely, but as expected, we also have trolls who show up every now and then. Such poor creatures with such low self esteem... what a sad story. Anyways, just use the "report" button on profiles, pictures or comments and let us know what the issue is. If it’s not totally clear right away, we will get in touch with you to find out more. 

14) I don´t get any emails (registration, notifications, geek matches)

Please check your spam folder, sometimes the emails are hiding there. Please also add "info@g33kdating.com" to your whitelist. Sometimes it can take a while for emails to be sent, so patience you need, padawan.

15) An admin / community manager / official spokesperson / user asked me for my password. Why?

Watch out! No official spokesperson from g33kdating or Geek HQ will ever ask you for your password! If you receive a request like this, please report the user immediately so that we can block them. This is an attempt to gain illegal access to your account.


16) I can’t use umlauts (ä,ü,ö) in my profile name.

We had to do this because your profile name appears in the URL of your profile. Many browsers have problems with umlauts in the URL, so we can’t allow them for the time being.

17) I used “password” or “123456” etc. for my password. Is that safe?

Really? You use a password like that and call yourself a geek? Um… you might be on the wrong site here. Sorry. ;) Seriously, though, we suggest that you change your password regularly and always use different passwords for different websites.


18) "This wink message cannot be displayed" - Say what?

This is an error message connected to our "Hailing frequencies" feature. It just means that this hailing frequency has been sent quite a while ago, nothing more. "Hailing frequencies" used to be called "winks" and this is a nostalgic reminder of it (jokes aside, it's a bug.)


19) How can I delete my profile?

We hate to see you go, but we do hope that you have found the geek of your dreams and therefore don´t need our services anymore. If there is any other reason you want to quit, let us know. We would love to hear about it so we can get better!


You can delete your profile if you hit the "edit profile" button, scroll all the way down and click the "delete" button. If you are using the app, just press the "delete" button. ATTENTION: Your profile will get deleted FOREVER. We have no means or possibility to restore a profile. Nothing. Nada. End of story. 



20) Where can I report bugs and problems?

Easy! Just contact us at support@g33kdating.com!


21) My pictures are uploaded sideways? halp!

Yes, this is a very annoying bug that can happen. Please log in to the g33kdating website and you’ll be able rotate all of your pictures there.


22) Finally, a dating site for Geeks, Gamers, Cosplayers, LARPers, Otakus, Pen & Paper, Board Game, Comic, and Book fans! Where have you been all my life?

Yeah, we asked ourselves that too, and then said: “OK, let’s do it! Bam! ...and done!”