Terms of use

General Terms and Conditions

1. Scope and definitions

Geek HQ e. U., Inh. Matthias Fellinger, Sickingerstraße 46, 4861 Schörfling (here forth referred to as "Provider") operates the internet portal www.g33kdating.com and provides the users of this portal (here forth referred to as “User”) all services on the basis of the following General Terms and Conditions. The business relationship between the Provider and the User is subject exclusively to the following General Terms and Conditions according to the valid version at the time the contract is concluded. Any deviating conditions applied by the User shall not be recognized, unless the Provider agrees to their validity in writing.


The User is a consumer, as long as the purpose of the ordered deliveries and services cannot be predominantly attributed to his commercial or self-employed professional capacity. In contrast, a commercial user is any natural or legal person or partnership with legal capacity which is operating in a commercial or self-employed professional capacity when entering into the contract.

2. Access and Usage Rights


In principle, all Users have access and usage rights.


The Provider enters into contracts for paid content and the provision of online access exclusively with persons over 18 years of age. By concluding a contract for a paid service, the User confirms that he is of legal age.


Additionally, the web pages are not directed at persons in countries which prohibit the storage of or access to the content therein. Each User is responsible for informing themselves about and complying with possible restrictions on access to these web pages.

2.5 Paid Use

Some functions are subject to a charge. Only the price named in the order confirmation is binding for the two parties. The current prices can be seen at www.g33kdating.com at any time. All prices are inclusive of value added tax, if not otherwise noted.


Members can also access paid features with a subscription. The paid features included in the subscription as well as the duration of the subscriptions are listed in their current configuration in the area “Membership/Credits” (Link: https://www.g33kdating.com/membership/subscribe).

The subscription is valid for the duration listed in the area “Membership/Credits” (Link: https://www.g33kdating.com/membership/subscribe).
Unless otherwise stated, the chosen subscription will be automatically converted to a regular subscription at the end of the subscription period if it is not cancelled with 14 days notice prior to the end of the subscription period. Notice of termination must be in text form (e.g., letter or email).

The right to terminate for good cause shall remain unaffected.


Users are strictly forbidden from posting his own or others’ personal data or related contact info on the website or profile. Only information specifically requested or permitted by the Provider form an exception. This is especially true for:

· Names

· Addresses

· Mobile or telephone numbers

· Usernames from social media profiles

· Links to websites or social media profiles

The Provider is authorized to delete any such entries.

3. Registration of User Accounts


For certain services on the Provider's site, the User must register themselves or can create a user account. The User confirms that the personal information provided while registering or creating a user account on the Provider's site—particularly the first and last names, mailing address, date of birth, and email address—are true and correct and that any changes to the information will be promptly reported to the Provider.


If the User subscribes to a newsletter during registration, the Provider is authorized to send emails with news and interesting offers to the email account provided by the User, as long as these offers demonstrate a relationship to the requested newsletter. The User can cancel the newsletter subscription at any time. In addition, we refer Users to the Privacy Policy, which can be viewed under the following link:


3.3. Conclusion of Contract for Paid Content

After entering your data and by clicking the “Buy Now” button, you make a legally binding request to conclude a contract. The Provider will then send the User an automatic receipt via email, in which the customer's order will be listed, and which the customer can print out. This automatic receipt confirms acceptance of the order. The text of the contract will be stored in compliance with data protection legislation. The contract shall be concluded in German.

Members can also access paid features with a subscription. The prices, the subscription periods, the included services, and the payment options for these subscriptions can be viewed at any time on the website in the area “Credits/Abo” (Link: https://www.g33kdating.com/membership/subscribe)
Payment for paid features can also be made using virtual currency, also known as “Credits.” Usage rights hereof will be granted, but not ownership. As far as the term "Sell" is used when referring to the acquisition of virtual currency or the exchange of virtual currency for premium features, this granting of usage rights is intended. The terms "Buyer", "Seller," "Sell," "Purchase" and similar terms have correspondent meanings. The scope and duration of the granted usage rights depend on the particular virtual currency or premium feature. These usage rights end, at the latest, along with the contract based on these terms. The parties agree that the services should begin immediately after conclusion of the contract; that is, during the cancellation period.


Virtual currency does not represent real money. Nor is it a method of payment or E-Money in the context of banking law, in particular the Payment Services Oversight Act (Zahlungsdiensteaufsichtsgesetz - ZAG). There is no entitlement to exchange for real currency. Once virtual currency is purchased, the User cannot, in accordance with the terms set forth in these Terms of Service, exchange it again for money.

4. User-submitted content


The user, when submitting his own content (such as videos, photos, photo series, texts, etc.) to the Provider, declares himself through this submission to be in agreement that the submitted content may be copied, distributed, and publicly reproduced without compensation. The User furthermore declares that he holds all copyrights, as well as other rights, to the submitted content, and that all persons depicted in any graphical content (e.g., videos, photos, or photo series) who are not passers-by or part of a depicted group, parade, or similar event agree to the content's publication. For persons under 18 years of age, the agreement of the legal guardian is required. Submissions sent by post cannot be returned to the sender.


The User shall not submit content to the Provider which is illegal, grossly offensive, pornographic or sexual, harmful to juveniles, extremist, glorifies or trivializes violence, glorifies war, promotes a terrorist or extremist political organization, promotes criminal acts, contains defamatory statements, or is otherwise criminal in nature.


The Provider retains the right not to publish submitted content. The User has no legal claim to the publication of the submitted content.


The User indemnifies the Provider from all claims by third parties which occur as a result of the User's breach of obligation as laid out in these Terms and Conditions, or because the User - in violation of this agreement - does not own all rights to the submitted content or the persons depicted do not agree to its publication.

5. Obligations, duties, and rights of the User


The User agrees not to violate any current regulations or contractual provisions while using the Provider's services. He especially agrees that any content he distributes shall not infringe on the rights of any third parties (e.g., copyright, patent, or trademark rights), that he will respect the current penal and youth protection laws, and he shall not distribute any content which is racist, denies the holocaust, is grossly offensive, pornographic or sexual, harmful to juveniles, extremist, glorifies or trivializes violence, glorifies war, promotes a terrorist or extremist political organization, promotes criminal acts, contains defamatory statements, is insulting, unsuitable for minors, or otherwise criminal in nature. In order to ensure data protection, the user furthermore agrees to consider the recognized principles of data security and adhere to the requirements of the data protection regulations, to scan any outgoing emails or queries for viruses with the utmost care, to comply with legal, official, and technical regulations, to keep his user name and password confidential, not to tolerate or enable its disclosure, to take the required measures to guarantee confidentiality, and in case of misuse or loss of this data or suspicion thereof, to report this immediately to the Provider. Information indicating misuse of the provider's content or payment system must also be immediately reported to the provider.


The User indemnifies the Provider against any claims from third parties who make such claims against the Provider as a result of infringement of their rights on the part of the User. This includes the costs of reasonable legal fees and defense. In case of reasonable suspicion of misuse of the Provider's services on the part of the user, the Provider retains the right to block the User's access to their content and user account, as well as to notify the legislative authorities.


The User can only offset the Provider's claims with claims which are undisputed or legally established. The User has rights of retention only for claims concerning this individual, specific business relationship, of which these General Terms And Conditions are part.

6. Liability


User claims for compensation are excluded. This excludes User claims for damages resulting from injury to life, limb, health or from the breach of essential obligations (cardinal obligations), as well as liability for other damages caused by an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the Provider, their legal representatives or agents. Essential contractual obligations are those the fulfilment of which is necessary to achieve the objective of the agreement.
In the event of a breach of the essential contractual obligations, the Provider shall be liable only for damage of a nature that is foreseeable and typical for this type of contract and which is caused by recklessness unless the claim is based on injury to life, limb, body or health.

The Provider shall make his own information and data as well as the information of other providers available via hyperlinks on the internet and mobile devices. This information and data is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee to the user that the information and data included in this website are accurate, valid or complete. The Provider does not warrant or assume any guarantee or legal liability, especially for direct or indirect damage caused by the usage of the provided information or data that is available on this website. The Provider especially does not assume responsibility for content and functionality, correctness or lawfulness of third party websites which are linked to from this website.


The Provider shall not be liable for technical or other disturbances, subject to section 6.1. The User is responsible for creating backup copies of all submitted data.


The limitations of sections 6.1 - 6.4 shall also apply to the legal representatives and vicarious agents of the Provider if claims are made directly against them.

7. Right of Revocation

With the completion of a distance selling transaction, consumers generally have a legal right of revocation, which the provider subsequently states in accordance with legal standards. The exceptions to this right of revocation are listed in section 7.2. A sample withdrawal form can be found in section 7.3.
Cancellation policy

Right of Revocation
You have the right to withdraw from this contract within fourteen days of conclusion without the need for explanation. The withdrawal period is fourteen days from the contract conclusion date.
To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must expressly notify us of this by sending us an unequivocal statement of your decision to do so (e.g. by letter, fax, phone call or email). You may use the attached sample withdrawal form, but it is not obligatory.
To adhere to the withdrawal period, it is sufficient for you to send the notification that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal prior to the end of the withdrawal period.
Consequences of cancellation
If you cancel this contract, we will reimburse any payments we have received from you without delay and, at the latest, within fourteen days from the day on which we receive notification of your cancellation of this contract. The refund shall be issued via the same payment method that you provided for the original transaction, unless otherwise explicitly agreed with you; under no circumstances will you be charged fees for the processing of this refund.
Users' statutory right of withdrawal expires for contracts for the delivery of digital content not delivered on physical data storage devices as soon as the Provider begins the process of fulfilling the terms of the purchase contract, provided that Users making the purchase have given their express consent that the Provider may do so even before the expiration of their statutory right of withdrawal, acknowledging that such consent constitutes a waiver of said right.7.3
As required by law, we provide the following sample withdrawal form:
Sample Withdrawal Form

(If you would like to cancel the contract, please complete this form
and send it back to us.)

— To:
Geek HQ e. U.

Inh. Matthias Fellinger

Sickingerstraße 46

4861 Schörfling

E-Mail: support@g33kdating.com

I/We (*) hereby withdraw from the contract I/we (*) made
with regard to receipt of the following services (*)/
— ordered on (*)/received on (*)
— Name of User(s)
— Address of User(s)
— Signature(s) of User(s) (only required for notifications by post or fax)
— Date

(*) Delete where not applicable

Withdrawal can also be declared by telephone:

Tel.: +43 (0)766258424

8. Cancellation / Termination of Services


The User, as well as the Provider is authorized to cancel a user account at any time, with immediate effect, without stating the reasons. The cancellation must be sent to:

Geek HQ e. U.

Inh. Matthias Fellinger

Sickingerstraße 46

4861 Schörfling

Tel.: +43 (0)766258424


In the event that your account is deleted, you shall only regain access to the services after receiving written consent from the Provider. The Provider is not required to restore any previous data.

9. Usage/ Usage Rights


So that the Provider can make the information entered by the Users available, and so that this information can be read as much as possible, the following usage rights must be granted:

By entering information on one of our internet portals, the User grants the Provider the free-of- charge, limited to the lifespan of the entry, unrestricted with regard to location, irrevocable and non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, edit, distribute, perform, and/or display this information world-wide (in whole or in part) including its content (e.g., pictures), and/or to transfer the relevant information before the end of its lifespan to other works (portals) belonging to the Provider, media, or technology, regardless of whether they are currently known or still to be developed, in any form.

This authorization especially includes the following:

-To adapt and publish the information on the Provider’s internet portals, as well as to display or publish it on third-party internet portals.

-To distribute the information on the Provider's mobile portals via WAP, MMS, SMS, I-MODE and other comparable display formats which are used in mobile networks, and to make it available for mobile devices, whereby the content is modified for display and processing by various devices.


All rights to the technologies, software products, and content provided by the Provider (e.g., data banks, directories, maps) remain exclusively with the Provider during the relationship with the User.


The data protection regulations of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) remain unaffected.

10. Non-commercial use of the services

Users may not copy, reproduce, replicate, sell, resell, or use the Provider's services, parts thereof, their usage, or access to the services for any type of commercial purpose whatsoever unless permission has been explicitly granted by the Provider in written form. The provider retains the right to claim damages in case of violation.

11. Data protection


The Provider collects data from Users in the course of processing their contracts. In doing so, it especially complies with the regulations of the GDPR. Without the consent of the user, the provider will only collect, process or use portfolio usage data from the user to the extent necessary for the execution of the contractual relationship and the usage and accounting of Telemedia.


With regards to the details of data protection, we refer Users to the Privacy Policy, which can be viewed under the following link: https://www.g33kdating.com/privacy


The user has the option to view his saved data at any time via the "My Data" button in his profile and to change, or delete this data under “Edit Profile.”

12. Resolution of disputes
The EU platform for non-judicial dispute settlement can be found at the following Internet address:
The provider is neither willing nor obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.

13. Final clauses


For any contract between the Provider and the User, the law of the Federal Republic of Austria shall apply to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The statutory rules limiting the choice of law and the applicability of mandatory provisions, in particular of the state in which the user as consumer has his habitual residence, remain unaffected.
Provided that the User is a merchant, a legal entity under public law, or a special fund under public law, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from contractual relationships between the User and the Provider is the provider’s head offices.

The terms shall remain binding in their remaining parts, even if individual points become legally void. Statutory provisions, if available, shall replace the ineffective provisions. Insofar as this would constitute an unreasonable hardship for one party to the contract, however, the terms as a whole shall be deemed ineffective.

Privacy policy

1. Your personal data in terms of Article 4(1) GDPR (e.g. title, name, address, e-mail address, gender, payment information) will be processed by us in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation. The following regulations inform you about the type, scope and purpose of collection, processing and use of personal data.
2. The processing of personal data as defined in GDPR Article 4(2) is lawful according to GDPR Article 6 when one of the following conditions is met:
a) the person concerned has given their consent to the processing of personal data for a specific purpose or purposes;
b) processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract;
c) processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is subject;
d) processing is necessary in order to protect the vital interests of the data subject or of another natural person;
e) processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller;
f) processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party, except where such interests are overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject which require protection of personal data, in particular where the data subject is a child.
3. The processing of special personal data as defined in GDPR Article 9(1) (data concerning health, biometrical data, sexual orientation, religion, trade union membership) is lawful specifically according to GDPR Article 9(2) when one of the following conditions is met:
– the data subject has given explicit consent
– processing is necessary for the purposes of carrying out the obligations and exercising or defending specific legal rights or for actions of the court within the context of their legal activities.

4. Automated individual decision-making or profiling respective of personal data as defined in GDPR Article 22 does not occur.
5. The provider ensures the security of the data in the sense of GDPR Article 32 with suitable technical measures, taking into account the principle of proportionality.
6. Should an unexpected breach of data security occur, the competent supervisory authority as defined in GDPR Article 33 and the affected persons as defined in GDPR Article 34 will be informed.

Area of application
This privacy policy applies only to our websites. If you access other sites via links on our pages, please inform yourself about the handling of your data on those sites.

Duration of data retention
The retention period for the data you have submitted is determined in accordance with the legal provisions for record retention.

Disclosure of data to third parties
Disclosure of data transmitted in the scope of the contractual relationship to a third party (GDPR Article 4(10)) occurs only if you have given your explicit consent (GDPR Article 4(11)) or the disclosure is necessary for the conclusion of the contract. This consent can be withdrawn at any time. Data collected while visiting our website will only be obtained by third parties that are explicitly named below. The data will be saved by our IT service provider, the hosting provider dogado GmbH, Saarlandstr. 25, D-44139 Dortmund.

Responsible person as defined in the GDPR
The responsible entity as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), other data protection laws in the Member States of the European Union and other provisions of a data protection nature is:

Geek HQ e. U.
CEO: Matthias Fellinger
Sickingerstraße 46
4861 Schörfling

E-Mail: support@g33kdating.com

Tel.: +43 (0)766258424

Cookies (only on the website)
This site saves cookies in order to recognize returning users. We will not disclose the information gathered as a result of cookies to third parties. If you would still like to avoid the use of cookies, you have the option to deactivate this setting in your browser.

To make use of the services we provide, registration is required. To this end, the information you enter in the entry fields will be collected and saved. The information is not disclosed to third parties unless this is necessary in order to carry out the contractual relationship. You can change or delete the information at any time. If the data is deleted, the service can no longer be offered to you unless you register again.
In addition to the information you enter, the IP address, date, and time of registration will be saved. Saving the IP data serves to prevent misuse and to assist in the investigation of criminal offenses.

Image Uploads
The images you upload will be saved and may be shown to other registered users. They will not be transmitted to third parties unless you have explicitly given your consent. At any time, you have the right to change or delete the images you have uploaded or to withdraw your consent. Photos can be rated by other registered users. The ratings will be saved.

Comments functions
Users have the opportunity to leave comments on profiles and under photos. In addition to the comments, the IP address, date, and time are saved in order to prevent misuse and to assist in the investigation of criminal offenses. Comments can be deleted by the users.

Location data (only in the app)
When using the search feature, you have the possibility to allow your location to be automatically recognized using your device’s GPS chip. The feature serves the exclusive purpose of making the entry of your location more convenient for you. You can deactivate the automatic location recognition in your device settings.

Permissions (only in the app)
The app requires the following permissions: camera, contacts, storage, location

Collection of statistics via System Services in the app (only in the app)
When using apps from the Apple iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, Apple Inc. and Google Inc. collect statistical information about user behavior as well as data used to create error reports. We have no control over this data collection. The collection of some statistics can be switched off in your device settings. Apple and Google are exclusively responsible for processing this data. We refer you to the privacy policies found on their websites.

Google Maps (only on the website)
This website uses the Google Maps API from Google Inc. (Google) to provide a visual display of map data. When Google Maps is used, Google collects, processes, and uses data regarding the usage of the maps features by website visitors. The terms of use for Google Maps can be found under Terms of Use for Google Maps.
For more information about Google’s privacy policy, visit the following link: https://www.google.com/intl/de/policies/privacy/.

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To such extent that data about the individual device is collected (MAC address, IMEI number, device identifier), it will be deleted immediately after collection and replaced by a Flurry-specific code. The data collected by Flurry will be made available to us in aggregated form; for example, the number of users in a given time period, number of users for each type of device, usage time. In so doing, no personal information is used.
For more information about Flurry’s data protection compliance, please visit:

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You can view Google’s privacy policy here:

Affiliate Links (only on the website)
On our website, we incorporate affiliate links from partner sites such as Amazon. These are links that are designed in such a way that makes it possible to determine which website provided the link through which the partner site was accessed. In this context, we do not collect any personal data from you. However, the partner saves data that allows it to correlate the order. We can view anonymized data in a statistics panel that allows us to see what orders were placed. However, we cannot see personal data such as name, address, IP address, etc.
For information about the privacy policies of the partner sites, please visit the partner site. These are usually found on the website under the menu option “privacy policy” or similar.

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On our website, we offer you the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter. We use this newsletter to provide you with regular updates about our offers. To receive our newsletter, you will need a valid email address. We will then check the email address entered to confirm that you are actually its owner and whether the owner has agreed to receive our newsletter. If you register for the newsletter, we will save your IP address and date and time of registration. This will be used in case a third party misuses your email address to subscribe to our newsletter without your knowledge. We will not collect any additional data. The data collected will be used exclusively for the distribution of our newsletter. The information will not be disclosed to third parties. We will not compare the data collected during newsletter registration with any other data that might be collected by other components of our site. You can cancel your newsletter subscription at any time. Instructions for cancellation can be found in the confirmation email and each individual newsletter.
The newsletters are sent out by the service provider Mailjet (SAS Mailjet, 13-13bis, rue derue de l’Aubrac – 75012 Paris, FRANCE). Mailjet’s privacy policy can be viewed here: https://www.mailjet.de/privacy-policy/

Contact Form (only on the website)
When you use this website’s contact form, the information you enter and other included information is transferred and saved for the purpose of responding to your request. The data is transmitted to third parties

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If you pay with Stripe, your information will be forwarded to the Stripe Payments Europe Ltd., 1 Grand Canal Street Lower, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, Irland. When you use this service, Stripe saves and processes personal data such as your name, your address, your telephone number and your email address, as well as your credit card or bank account information, transaction number or currency. Stripe is exclusively responsible for the usage and security of the data that they collect.
The applicable privacy policy can be viewed here: https://stripe.com/at/privacy

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If you pay with Klarna, you will be forwarded to the Klarna website. When you use this service, Klarna saves and processes personal data such as your name, your address, your telephone number and your email address, as well as your credit card or bank account information. Klarna is exclusively responsible for the usage and security of the data that they collect.
The applicable privacy policy can be viewed here:

SSL Connection (only on the website)
This site makes use of an SSL Connection, which can be verified by the lock symbol seen in your browser’s address bar. When the SSL connection is active, the data that is transmitted cannot be read by third parties.

User Rights
You can request information about the data stored about you from us at any time at no cost. You have the right to the confirmation, rectification, restriction, stoppage and erasure of such data, as well as the right to receive a copy of the data in a format suitable for transmission. You have the right to withdraw any consent you have given and to object. Statutory retention periods remain unaffected.
Your individual rights arise especially from the following standards in the GDPR:
Article 7(3) – Right to withdraw consent related to data protection
Article 12 – Transparent information, communication and modalities for the exercise of the rights of the data subject
Article 13 – Information to be provided where personal data are collected from the data subject
Article 14 – Information to be provided where personal data have not been obtained from the data subject
Article 15 – Right of access by the data subject, right of confirmation and right to receiving a copy of the personal data
Article 16 – Right to rectification
Article 17 – Right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”)
Article 18 – Right to restriction of processing
Article 19 – Notification obligation regarding rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing
Article 20 – Right to data portability
Article 21 – Right to object
Article 22 – Right not to be subject to a decision based on automated processing, including profiling
Article 77 – Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority
To exercise your rights (with the exception of GDPR Article 77), please contact the party named under “Responsible person as defined in the GDPR” (e.g., by email).

Responsible supervisory body:

Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde
Barichgasse 40-42,
1030 Wien

Telefon: +43 1 521 52-25 69
E Mail: dsb@dsb.gv.at