g33kdating 3.0 - Important Info & known issues

Jul 4 '2023, 16:33 | By Farina
Dear fellow geeks,

we are sweating pixels and the coffee machine has just formed a union, but: The update is LIVE!!!

Treat yourself to g33kdating 3.0 on Android, Apple (yes, finally!), Web-App (open g33kdating.com on your mobile browser) and of course Desktop!

As with any extensive update, there are of course still a few construction sites - The experienced geek knows that *g

Currently known issues that we are already working on:

Registration via Android

We had to find out that some get error messages during registration and therefore the profile is not filled out completely. We will activate these profiles anyway with the note to edit the profile afterwards, so that it becomes complete and meets the requirements. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Interface gray - Android

For some, the app looks very gray after the update, no links and images are recognizable. Please just delete the app and reinstall it. Then the problem is solved (But please don’t delete your account, just the app)

If you find any other issues, please report it to support@g33kdating.com - Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your happy



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