More BANG for your BUCK!

Jun 17, 10:43 | By Farina

Hey fellow geeks,

We've got some awesome news for you! Starting today, you'll get more Credits for your money. Here are the details:

1. More Credits for Your Money!

  • 400 Credits instead of 350 Credits in the EUR 29.9 pack (+50 Credits!)
  • 250 Credits instead of 230 Credits in the EUR 19.9 pack (+30 Credits!)

The price stays the same! Our motto: Everything is getting more expensive, but at g33kdating, you get more for your money!

2. Update on Credit Actions

We regularly update the Credits system, so keep an eye on what actions earn or cost you Credits. Check out our Credits info in the app and on the website to stay informed!

That's it for now! Get ready for more fun in dating and thanks for your support!

Stay geeky,



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