New Feature: Explorer Mode!

Apr 15 '2021, 14:30 | By Farina

Dear fellow geeks,

one of the reasons why online dating is so successful is "filtering". Depening on your preferences, g33kdating will show you the geeks that would fit best to you. Even giving you a precentage of how good a match it will be - all hail our beloved "Geek Match Algorithm"!

But some of us love to adventure, to jump in the lake without knowing how cold it is, to EXPLORE into the unknown and see what awaits us!

That is why we introduce our new g33kdating feature to you: EXPLORER MODE

Everytime you visit the site, our "explorer mode" will show you a fresh batch of geeks. No filter, no pre-selection - pure destiny!

So if you feel a bit wild - or just miss talking to random people without knowing what they are about - this is your feature. Find new friends you didn´t know existed or be happy that the filter saved you from this person or even find the love of your life! Everything is possible with "EXPLORER MODE"

Do you dare to explore?

Be aware, everytime the site refreshes, a new selection of members will be shown to you! So don´t miss to check out a profile, before the next geeks appear.

See what destiny has in store for you - check out the new EXPLORER MODE

Happy adventuring


You find the new feature on your Desktop-Dashboard between "My Matches" and "Bookmarks"


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