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Nov 29 '2022, 17:16 | By Farina

Dear fellow geeks,

the year 2022 is coming to an end and we are happy and motivated to stay the most epic geek dating site and app on the market. Seven years ago we launched this service and what a ride it has been!

Gamers, Otakus, Cosplayers and all beautiful geeks are becoming the main driver for our culture. Just see how many geek movies, series and games we get every month! We are happy to see the geek culture thrive and be part of it by creating lots of happy geek couples (and geek babies!)

Let´s see what our plans are for the remainder of the year and early 2023! (woho, first time writing 2023!)

ヽ(^◇^*)/ - LOGIN BONUS

From the 1st until the 24th of December, you will get free credits for your daily login. All you have to do is login to g33kdating and you will automatically get credits every 24 hours.

We will also increase our awareness for any TOS violations (trolling, nasty messages etc), so if you are planning to use this giveaway to annoy our beloved community, you will get a lifetime ban right away.


Starting in January,we will update our Apps and Website. This has been in the making for quite a long time since we are facing serious issues with the Apple-Service. We haven´t been able to bypass this issue and before blocking our updates even longer, we decided to roll out a completely new app for our Apple users. This means, that all apple users will have to download the new app. You will be able to keep all your profile information, including messages, credits etc.

Android, PWA and Desktop version of g33kdating will just get the update on their current version.

More about this soon!


Speaking about apps: Let´s face it, most of you are using the g33kdating app, not the desktop version. Although we love the desktop version (since we are huge nerds lol), we will have to concentrate more on the app performance and making it a smooth experience for all of you. The Desktop-Site will stay as is, however, to make it easier to maintain, we will remove user-blogs and news comments. Both features have seen quite a decline in usage, or have been used for trolling, so we are saying goodbye for now.

ヽ(^◇^*)/ PRICING

Everyone's feeling it in their wallets, stuff gets expensive. So far, we have been able to keep the same prices for our services since years, but we cannot promise that this will stay this way forever, since all our expenses are constantly rising.

What we will do however, beginning 1st of December, is to make all credit-prices equal for all genders. All texting and commenting will need the same amount of credits for all genders. Currently female accounts had to use less credits for messages and comments than male and diverse accounts. We do see the error in this thinking and from now on, everyone will have to use the same amount of credits for the services: texting, commenting, virtual gifts and geek of the week. 

No surprise renewals, no stress - our supporter-membership will always run out automatically so you never have to expect unfair fees. Promise.

ヽ(^◇^*)/ MARKETING

As you probably noticed, we have upped our game on YouTube and other marketing channels. We really want to stand out with our service, not just offering a huge amount of single geeks for you, but also help you fall in love with our geek dating tips. Granted, this has been mostly for our German speaking geeks, but beginning of 2023 we will also provide more tips for our English speaking geeks.

Alright, so that´s all the stuff that´s happening "behind the curtains". Hope you like and it and we truly hope to find your perfect geek soon.

Lots of love from the whole team!




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